How to Make Your Man Jump to Plan Your Wedding

get your man to want to plan the wedding

It's like something out of a fairy tale. You've met Mr. Right. And although he may not be tall, dark, and handsome all at once, he's got that certain je ne sais quoithat is more irresistible than all the other hotties you may have had your eye on. Now that you've set a date, how can you get your man to want to plan the wedding?

Don'tbarrage him with an endless chain of wedding pictures and articles and ask for his elaborate opinion on each

Your guy might not have spent enough time looking at tulles and ties to know what's trendy or not. And even if he has, he might be anxious about giving you a "wrong" answer about what he likes.

Dosend your man out on wedding planning errands he can do by himself

There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but most guys are task-oriented. So actionable, fact-based jobs like checking out the size and price of reception halls or the availability of churches can get him involved. It'll also send the signal you trust him to do his part independently. You can arm him with a digital camera to take pictures for you to review together later, and when you do review, letting him relay all his findings/results will let him feel confident.

Don'tplan on doing an entire run of wedding shopping in one day

Most guys aren't used to spending a whole day on their feet looking at cake toppers and suits, and your future hubby might feel more than a bit overwhelmed and irritable if everything he sees all at once is one reminder after another that there's no returning to the bachelor life. He'll probably be more receptive to doing one or two bite-sized errands or tasks per afternoon over time.

Dogive him the tasks that fit his skills

For example, if you are lucky enough to have a tech-savvy guy, then let him pull your video presentation together. Or if your man is handy, then have him prep the trellis. This way, he can get work done without feeling like he's out of his element.

Don'tinterfere in the few guy times of wedding planning

Don't get involved in things such as fittings of tuxes for your groom and his male best buds. Trust that the professionals in the shops will make him look fabulous. He won't mind the fitting as much if it's an outing with his friends.

Dolet him have a secret

Take one of the wedding planning elements he might enjoy and give your groom complete say over it. The fun of being able to surprise you can be truly energizing and make the job feel less like a chore.
In general, the key to making your guy jump to plan your wedding is to remember how most guys think and to remember that not everything for the wedding needs to be accomplished together. Give him a little space and appeal to his interests in order to make him feel involved, and your special day will go off without a hitch before you know it.

For more ideas on how to involve your groom, have a look at How to Include the Groom in the Wedding Planning.

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