How to Reduce Stress When Planning Your Big Day

wedding planning

Planning a wedding is one of lifes very stressful events. There are many ways to minimize your stress, read on to find out what you can do to make sure planning your wedding doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Follow some simple steps to reduce wedding planning stress and ensure you remain relaxed and zen in the lead up to your big day.


Planning a wedding is a big deal , you will definitely need some help. Take some time to think about who can help you and who you can delegate to. There is often too much for one person to do, so think about those in your family and friendship group


Be sure to have something else to help take your mind off the wedding. It is a great way to reduce stress and divert your attention when things may become all consuming. Whether it be fitness, yoga a hobby, anything to help alleviate the stress.


Self care is so important in life generally and even more so in the lead up to your big day. Take time out, and incorporate a self care regime into your lead up preparation. Facials, massages are a great way, even yoga or taking time out with friends to enjoy normal activities and past times, non wedding related.


Avoid conflict and miscommunication by ensuring you are on the same page as your partner. Ensure you are on the same page by communicating regularly. Some couples even set up live spreadsheets or use a joint APP to keep track of where the stage of planning and execution is at.


Always keep in mind what your priorities are. Try and not deviate off the path of what is important to you and your partner on your wedding day. It could be helpful to write these down and refer to them when things seem to be steering off course. There will be many external influences that effect your decision making and your judgements, be sure to always keep in mind what is important to you and your partner on your wedding day. And by doing so, you'll reduce stress as much as possible when planning your wedding.

Aside from these quick tips, have a look at Planning Your Dream Wedding: A Stress-Free Guide to Navigating the Process With Ease for more help!

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