5 Mistakes to Not Make with Your Wedding Photography

wedding photography mistakes

Among all the wedding vendors that you hire for your wedding, the photographer is possibly the most important. Photographers are the professionals who help make sure that you remember your wedding in the best way possible.If you want those pictures to be perfect, you need to let your photographer do their job, and listen to them when they have advice for you. Here are some wedding photography mistakes to avoid so that you're helping your photographer take the best shots instead of getting in the way. 


Deciding on the wedding arrangements before talking to the photographer

People will often decide on the date and time of the wedding first, and only talk to the photographer about covering the event  afterward. This might seem like a common-sense approach, except for a complication -- photographs don't appear equally beautiful at all times of the day. If you want the most photogenic times of the day for your wedding pictures, you're going to have to first talk to the photographer to know what those times are.

Allowing an unofficial photographer

Often, a friend or relative who is a photography enthusiast has impressive equipment, and will try act as unofficial wedding photographer. To have another photographer in the way, however, can make things hard for your official photographer. They could cause them to miss important shots. You simply need to tell your guests to not bring a camera.

Not paying for a second photographer

Your main photographer covers the main events. With all the guests there, however, there are usually other, quieter things happening all the time, that are interesting. It's always a good idea to get a second photographer to cover these -- the cute things the children do, the expressions on the guests' faces and so on. Such pictures can round out your wedding album beautifully. It's always important to pay for a second photographer.

Making the photos the star of the day

It's possible to give the pictures more importance than they deserve. If the best pictures possible are all that you're concerned about, you'll probably forget to have a good time at your own wedding. You need to simply let the photographer do their job, while you focus on enjoying your wedding.

Forgetting to bring the photographer to the engagement session

Chances are that you've never been photographed as intensively as you will at your wedding. If you've never faced a camera like that, you're likely to be self-conscious. This is why a practice session at your engagement is a good idea. You can get familiar with the camera and the photographer, and learn to be more natural by the time the wedding comes around.

Getting the best of your wedding in pictures takes some thought and practice. Hiring a great photographer and listening to them usually takes care of all the details. If you aren't sure what could possibly go wrong, however, the tips here should help you.

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