Top Five Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

what to ask your wedding photographer

Is this the year you walk down the aisle to your beloved partner? Do you want to make sure the big day lives up to your expectations? Hiring the right wedding photographer can have a significant impact on how happy your nuptials are. Also, it will affect how you feel about your wedding day for years to come. To make sure you hire the best wedding photographer, following are the five top questions you should ask your wedding photographer when interviewing potential candidates.

How Quickly Will I Receive My Wedding Photographs?

Some professional photographers will offer you a time guarantee. We suggest you make sure you have a delivery date in writing. If your photos are late, understand your rights and what type of compensation to expect. You want an ironclad contract in advance to avoid having your photographer fail to deliver your photos on time.

What Add-On Services Do You Provide?

Know in advance the types of photographs your photographer will take at your nuptials. Also, inquire about whether they provide additional services like videography or USB compilations. Will pre-wedding events like hairstyling and wedding rehearsals be photographed? Don't assume all events will be photographed. Instead, ask in advance and make sure event coverage is part of your contract.

Will You Be Using My Photographs on Your Website?

Ask your wedding photographer if they plan to use your images on their website to highlight the services they offer. You're paying good money for your images. So, make sure you hold the copyright to them and that they can't be republished without your permission. This includes your photographer tweeting about or posting images on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Are Touch-Ups Available and at What Cost?

If small image edits are necessary (blemishes, etc.), know in advance if your photographer will tweak your images and how much they will charge you for this service. Also, keep in mind that not all wedding photographers are capable of editing photos. After all, you want to be sure the person you hire has the necessary skills to deliver a premium product.

Can I Request Special Location Shoots?

If you want some of your wedding photos captured at a specific location like a beach or nature park, make sure location shoots are part of your wedding photograph package. While some photographers will offer outdoor shoots as part of their services, others will charge you extra. In addition, be very clear with your photographer in advance to ensure special locations are captured as part of your wedding image package.

In summary, asking the right questions in advance will ensure your wedding photos are memorable. You don't want memories of your magical day tarnished by a photographer who fails to deliver your images or provides an unsatisfactory product. Preparation is the key to ensure your photos are breathtaking and your nuptials are captured according to your expectations.

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